Create a Place Where You Want to Work.

ELI® teaches organizations how to build a Civil Treatment® Workplace that prevents such issues as workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. A Civil Treatment Workplace is one that is inclusive; a workplace where diverse groups work together toward a common goal that reflects the company’s ethics, values and expectations.

More than 2 million people worldwide have completed ELI training, and ELI has certified over 8,000 learning instructors in its learning methodology. Whether it’s via classroom instruction, e-learning, or interactive virtual instructor-led training, ELI learning solutions Make It Matter, Make It Simple, and Make It Stick®.

  • Customized Learning Solutions

    If your organization requires a more tailored solution or content, our team can frame one-of-a-kind training modules to fit your organization's needs. It's all about flexibility and what works for your unique situation.

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  • Adaptive Learning Solutions

    We consult with you to create unique learning solutions that correspond to your company’s distinctive work environment and training needs.
    Our adaptive learning solutions can be implemented as a refresher course, topical training program, or as a semi-customized solution.

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  • A Trainer's Perspective

    No matter the audience or the issue, ELI instructors are committed to ensuring that our training has a lasting effect on our client’s culture.  They deliver learning to make it matter, make it simple and make it stick.

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  • Core Learning Solutions

    Core Learning Solutions not only include topics such as harassment, discrimination, retaliation, bullying, respectful work environment and wage & hour issues, but also provide participants with the tools they need to create a more productive and inclusive workplace.

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  • Client Testimonials

    “We found, after extensive research into various programs, that ELI was the best all-around harassment and discrimination training available. We have been using ELI since 1995 and have experienced reduced litigation expenses and a much more team-oriented environment.”

    - A Fortune 500 regional bank operating more than 700 offices in nine states

  • Client Testimonials

    “Our ER manager has tracked all complaints and cases over the past three years. Our calls are up and our cases are down.”

    - A full-service brokerage company with offices throughout the US and Europe

  • Client Testimonials

    “Human Resources reports that managers have a higher level of awareness, make more proactive calls to HR, and feel empowered to make decisions concerning behavioral issues by implementing the leadership skills they learned.”

    - A leader in Internet marketplace for auto classifieds and consumer information

  • Client Testimonials

    “As a result of the Civil Treatment® program, our overall litigation costs have decreased 65% in two years, equating to a 74% reduction in costs per employee.”

    - A financial services firm with over 14,000 employees